Saturday, December 31, 2016

After the Pen: Dec. 25-Dec. 31.

And there she last layout for the year 2016! My wish for it being relaxing didn't really happen, but it was a VERY productive last week of the year.  I was able to purge, re-organize, and rearrange my "little corner" of the world, I spent time with family and friends, I enjoyed the beach, I created, I prepped [nearly] all my planners and journals for the new year, and I "slept in" [until  7:30am!] I would say it was a good, productive week! :) Goodbye to this year and hello to the new year!

Planner {love} Passion Planner
Planner Sticker Kit {love} LaghingAndLosingIt
Stickers {love} LaghingAndLosingIt & my own