Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Keiki Nature Walk.

Because only few of my keiki's came in today, my TA and I decided that we wanted to take our kids our for a nature walk. We asked some of the other kids in other classrooms if they wanted to come with us on our impromptu nature walk. We allowed the children to lead where we long as we within the campus area. It was beautiful and fun walked. I loved how the children really explored, and wasn't afraid to get dirty if need be. It sprinkled rain a little bit, but that didn't bother the kids or my TA and I...winter's in Hawai'i are warmish..and so we were okay.

I'm not sure that you can see it, but do you see all the mangoes that the keiki found?! They were so excited to see the fruit. I told them that when they get rip and drop we can go for another walk and pick some.

Such a beautiful tree! Makes me want to climb on it's branches...or at least put a swing on it! :) But it was a good day...we had a good walk. And my keikis (and other kids in the school) had a lot of fun. :)