Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunset Ranch

We did a Launch, Wedding photoshoot and a Bridal Fair all in one day up in Sunset Ranch near North Shore. It was so beautiful! That places IS beautiful! Imagine being up on a mountain ranch that over looks the beautiful ocean...! It was beautiful. Since it was a Launch/Wedding Photoshoot [with models] and a Bridal Fair, we had to make several wedding sites for the reception and ceremony. With out limited number of staff, it was a challenge. But with the help of our wonderful leader, Shilhi, we did it.

"The Bride" showing off her bridal bouquet.
The barn reception set up.
One of the meadow wedding ceremony
The "bride and groom"...I think that models have to have some sort of acting ability too! I mean these two, I believe, juss met on the set and they were to be taking WEDDING PICTURES together! And make it look real! I guess it's practice for the real day?! Except with a "stand in" bride and/or groom! *smiles*
Another one of the meadow wedding ceremony.
The Barn Reception site
When taken properly in the proper angle-face on in the frame-the background is the ocean. So simple, yet so perfect.