Monday, January 3, 2011

Sneak Peak of Tracy and Kaleo's Wedding

On December 19, beautiful friend Tracy got married to my other friend Kaleo...and even though I didn't really meet Kaleo until I moved here to Hawaii...he has become one of my very "goodest" friends here on the island. Their wedding was beautiful. They were suppose to get married on Makapu'u beach...but unfortunately that day it was pouring like none other...and there was no way that they could have done it at the beach.

Fortunately though, my sister had a back up plan for them...and they had it at the Waimanalo SDA church...and my sister set it up so beautifully that who knows what would have been better?! Having it at the beach or at the church...coz it was so beautiful. My sister was their co-ordinator for this she was super busy. I was their florist for this wedding...well, Passion Roots was...and so I was super busy too. What really sucked though, even though I was invited to the wedding, I didn't get to go to the ceremony...I was at the reception site at the Hale Koa Hotel setting up the place! And it was CRAZY! But seeing the bride and groom walk into the room was beautiful and even though I wish that I was at the ceremony...the look of their faces when they saw how beautiful the reception room was priceless.

Leila has posted these pictures up already as a sneak-peak of their wedding. So I posted them up here for you all to see. She has a wonderful way of capturing their very personalities and the atmosphere of the place. The food was wonderful, the entertainment was attention-grabbing, and the social atmosphere was fun. Many happy wishes to my two wonderful friends!

Click Here to go to Leila's photography site!!

Adam, Faith, Jeremy and I posing "creatively" at the photo station!
 Hi Tracy! The bride decided to pop in to join our picture!
Tracy showing off her beautiful bridal bouquet. If you look closely, you can see a locket that has a picture of her mother in it. A sweet touch.
 Lots and lots of buttons! The fun secret?! You zip it all up! :D
 Waimanalo SDA Church...and Tracy waiting at the foot of the aisle
 The Bridal Party table
 All 6 of the bridesmaids bouquets were different from each other.
 The Beautiful Bride and Handsome Groom making the entrance into the Reception Hall.
 I told you she IS beautiful!!!
 Making all the tags for those little kiddie bags was SO time consuming...but well worth it!
 Tracy, the timelessly beautiful bride. 
I LOVE this idea that Tracy came up with...but centering and sizing those letters was a lot harder than I thought! It took me THREE hours!! No joke...but the bride loved them. :D and so did everyone else...