Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So, thirty-seven minutes past midnight I get jolted out of a sweet dream by my phone ringing. I like to leave my phone on...you know, just in case someone needs me or something. So I look at my phone to see who it could be and the word "withhold" nearly blinds my sleep-sensitive eyes. Should I pick up the phone?! Should I not?! I mean, if the person really needed to talk, why would they "withhold" their number?! Oh well, what the h, I picked up the phone, and here is what took place

Me: [I barely croak out a sleepy] Hello?!
Person on phone: [Happily as if wide awake]: Hey!
  (awkward silence)
Me: May I please know who this is?!
Person on phone: Is this Taco Bell...?
Me: [confused and wondering if I'm dreaming] uhm...no...
Person on phone: THIS is Taco Bell...what would you like to order?

I then look crazily at my phone, still confused whether or not I'm dreaming, hang up and try to go back to sleep. But by then, I'm more awake then not and curiosity is nearly killing me. WTH was that?! Taco Bell?! I mean, was I so sleepy that I didn't hear right?! No, I'm pretty sure they said, "Taco Bell." Why would Taco Bell be calling me at 37 minutes past midnight...then I came to the conclusion...prank call.

Oh okay, so I have had my shares of getting prank calls and also delivering a few prank calls myself...but come on, NEVER at such an awkward time! And I haven't done any since I was way back in what?! Highschool?! "Withheld"...I guess they are fun, and harmless...but it was so bazaar that it even happened! Well, I guess not, I think my half-asleep brain was trying to analyze something so trivial when I should have just brushed it off and went back to sleep. *laughs* This morning I wake up and wonder, did that even happen?! I check my phone and yes, there it is Mr. "withheld" who did indeed call at 12:37am.

Now, I'm taking a walk down Memory Lane and remembering the times when I use to get get with the guys and do prank calls with them. They were hilarious [and at decent times!]. It's funny how life just goes along and you go along with it and at some random time you turn around just to see where you've gone and you're like "wow!, I'm here! How did I get here?!" People tell you all the time that every decision that you make brings you down a different road until you get where you are.

Playing the "what if" game is pointless too, but I know that I'm guilty of playing that game at times..."What if I never went to the Philippines?!", "What if I stayed in California?!", "What if I had gotten married?!", "What if...?!", "What if...?!", "What if...?!" I don't know what would have happened...and I will never know what happen...so I just gotta keep moving on and see what my choices right now has done to my life.

So Facebook is the newest social network craze right now...and yes, I am on Facebook...but as I was reading through my friends updated status, I came across one from my friend. He just found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him, but he still loves her [interesting how that goes...], and he posted this up

‎"No matter how much you've change, you still have to pay the price for the thing's you've done"

I like it. And it's so true. People change, but you still have to deal with what you've done before you changed. It's kind of like that TV show Samantha Who? It's about this girl, named Samantha, who got hit by a car and has amnesia. She is now a girl that's super sweet, and has a conscious. She doesn't ignore people and she isn't the "bitch" that she was before. But people still react to her as if she was, and she has to deal with it. She still has to "pay the price for" what she was before. Even though she doesn't even remember it. 

Well, on that note, I must be getting ready for work now, so I'm out!!

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."