Sunday, January 2, 2011

Another "glamorous" wedding!

Here is a wedding that we did at the Koolau Ballrooms. The bride was/is soo beautiful...and it was the first time I actually saw that the bride had a different color dress other than full on. Like I've seen wedding dresses [on actually brides-not only in the magazine or something] that had color...but was mostly white...but this bride's dress was actually black. It was interestingly different, but beautiful. :) The floral arrangements were actually pretty tricky in the fact that big "cloud" ones that Shilhi and I did had to be done that day on site, and it was a lot harder than I thought, coz the water kept getting EVERYWHERE! But the end product was breathtaking, at least I think so. :) As for the tall center pieces of hydrangeas that we did...oh mandope! For awhile there, I didn't think those could work out! In the studio when we were doing them...they were so top heavy that we broke SO many vases before getting as many as we needed, then transportation was super hard...and then placing them on the table was even harder with all the water in them...but in the end, Amie and Sol really liked everything...and it was a really nice wedding. :) [Images courtesy of Susanne Pridoehl Photography]

The beautiful bride showing off her bridal bouquet...isn't her dress different?! I think it's beautiful...and so fits her nicely. :)

At the studio, we call those frames "bookshelves" *laughs*.

We decided to put up that beaded curtain with white spider mums on at the last minute...I think it complemented the places beautifully!
Easy but glamourous center pieces
The white "clouds" of hydrangeas!...
Those were the tall center pieces that we did...they had to be at least 3 feet tall!