Friday, January 7, 2011

No regrets.

I could NOT sleep last night. At. All. Not fun. But it gave me time to think about a lot of things. A lot of random things. Which is one of the reasons why I like to keep my phone on, so if anyone was stuck in that situation-too many things in their mind so they can't sleep- they know they can call me and get it all out so that they can go to sleep with an empty mind.

I'm kind of bummed coz it's a pretty gloomy day today...and it's actually "cold"...and I was planning to go swimming at Lanikai beach with my friend. But that's canceled, so it's zumba time for us! *laughs* Then shopping. Fun. :) I'm not really a shopper, but I'm all down for going out and spending some time with people. So I'm going out.

So, yesterday I went to this interview at this preschool down the street from where I live. And even though I love LOVE working in the wedding/event industry, I also love working with kids. And if I could work at both places [Yay! More money to save! :)], I would be living what I want to be living...working in the wedding industry AND working with kids. Two things that I love. So, I'm really hoping to get that phone call that tells me that I got the job. That would be just so awesome. :)

My sister made blueberry muffins the other day. And right now, I'm craving for one. I love blueberries. I love the smell of the house when she bakes. She actually made two different kind of muffins...blueberry muffins and chocolate chip muffins. SOO yummy! I just hate all the washing of the dishes! Oh mandope, I don't like washing the dishes...and this time around she didn't use any of those cupcake paper cups in the muffin it was a PAIN to wash! She claims to not like using those paper cup thingys coz she was making muffins...NOT cupcakes. *laughs* Oh welll, I would MUCH rather wash the dishes than take the trash out. There is something about the trash, especially the one in the kitchen, that I HATE touching...especially when there is something leaking from it...*shivers* EW!!

So I was looking up quote pictures on google yesterday and let me share with you a few...
 I wonder when I will meet this person. This person who will do all of this. I'm not looking, I'm just wondering. :)
 A quote I like to live by. I LOVE to dance! Yep, I do...but I know that I'm not the best dancer out there...but I still love to dance silly like a rockstar in my room when I'm playing my favorite song. Same goes with my room, in the shower, when I'm alone, I'm anyone I want to be...and I'm a rockstar! *laughs*  I do love. I'm the most loving person I know...well, maybe not...but I still love, even if you hurt me. "Live as though heaven is on earth." Enough said.
 I would NEVER want to be perfect. Everyone looking up to you. I would be way too afraid to live life coz I would be too scared to make a mistake and everyone cap you on that. The imperfectness of a person is who makes them who they are.
Life is short. Or long...whichever you think it's one of the other [but I guess it can be in between *laughs*]....but live your life coz no matter how long or short you think it is, you only have one. And if you believe in re-incarnation, you still only have one as who you are now. So do what you want to do, and live life. 

"NEVER regret anything that made you smile."