Monday, January 3, 2011

My friend, Leila

So, Passion Roots did our friends' [Tracy & Kaleo] wedding...and their photographer came from the mainland, California to be more specific. Leila is an amazing person who has so much talent with the camera!! So I've decided to post some of her pictures that she took and edited while she was here. When she's finished with the wedding pictures, I'll also post those...but this is for Leila.

If you would like her to do your wedding pictures...or you juss want a photoshoot with her...or you want to check out her site click here

Ms. Leila herself!! I miss you, girlie!!!

The two little "boogers" that I babysit...*laughs* Leila was staying at their house and I knew what a handful they were so, I decided to help her out! *laughs* What a night that was...this is what happens when they get in trouble!! :)

I have trouble capturing the beauty of Hawaii on takes a talented person to do it just right. Beautiful, Leila!
Liya, the lil' cutie patootie I babysit and love. :)

Waikiki at night!
I love beaches. I love Hawaii. I miss Leila.

A lil sneak peek of Tracy & Kaleo's wedding!!