Monday, January 31, 2011

She just kept walking.

Today was a Monday. And as I walked to the preschool, I prayed...PLEASE let me survive this day with smiles. And you know what?! I did. I always do when I'm working with little "angels." But I do have to say it was a tough day. I was asked to aid a different class. With another aid. Who does that?! Put two aids together with no teacher. Oh least the other aid should know what to do, and I'll juss help.

But she just kept walking. She went to the kitchen, supposedly to get the snack and 15 minutes later I wonder where she is. I couldn't live the little 2 year olds to check on her. So I wave another teacher over and she tells me to wait a few more minutes...maybe she was still trying to figure out what snack should be.  Twenty-five minutes later, when all the little two-year-old angels, where crying cause they were hungry another teacher goes to find out what is going on in the kitchen.

She just kept walking. The other aid went to get the snacks, but instead of stopping at the kitchen to get the snack, she kept on walking until she got to the parking lot and left. Just like that. So I was stuck, no I shouldn't say stuck, more like I had the privilege to teach the little two-year-olds today. It was different and I was glad that I had my prayer answered...I survived today with smiles. Because I couldn't help myself but smile when I'm with little kids. They are so fun to watch and see the developmental growth day by day and know I helped with that.
Today was a Monday. And guess what?! It wasn't all that bad.

"When people go to work, they shouldn't have to leave their hearts at home." -Betty Bender