Sunday, January 30, 2011

Driving in the rain.
Driving in the rain is scary to me. I don't like it. And if I had a choice, I wouldn't ever drive in the rain. But today I had too. On my way to "town" it was bright and shiny and it looked like a perfect day. I had to go to town so that I can update my CPR/First Aids for adults and children, and so going there was a breeze. Well, the GPS brought me to the WRONG BUILDING!! But it was okay, because I usually try to be early, so I had time to walk around and find the right building and found some really cute shops to look around in. But I went to my class and the Dr. guy was really nice [if you are in Oahu, HI, and you need a CPR/First Aids certificate, just ask me, I totally recommend him!] and really knew his stuff. Afterwards, since I was in "town" I might as well take advantage of it and to some shopping! :) So I did.

I was around the Kukui Plaza Mall and so I walked around there. Helped a lady in a walker cross the street, talked to a few people about random things, went into some cute shops, bought some jeans [they were on sale! :)], helped some tourist find where they were going and then I realized the sky was getting dark...but it was only 3:pm! And that's when I started heading back to where I parked because I had a feeling it was going to rain. And I was just in time. Right when I got out of the parking garage it was raining as if there was no sun just 10 minutes ago! It was so heavy, so strong, and I could barely see 10 feet in front of me. I hate driving when it's raining that hard.

I just concentrated on the red brake lights in front of me and following the white line. You can't really get lost in Oahu. It's such a small island that you will eventually find where you need to go [but I still hate getting lost!] But I had the unfortunate experience of driving in the down pour today and I just thank God that I didn't get in an accident. I think I passed at least 3 accidents.

Dancing in the rain. I love to do. I would like to experience kissing in the rain. Singing in the rain is a lot of fun too. But driving in the rain, no. I can do with out.

"If I were running the world I would have it rain only between 2 and 5 a.m. Anyone who was out then ought to get wet."-William Lyon Phelps