Saturday, October 8, 2016

New Subscription: Sparkles of Stickers October 2016.

I got my first pink envelope from Sparkles of Stickers! This is my first subscription to anything that is planner related (I don't count all my sticker subscription as planner related because they are specifically geared to planners, but you can use them in decorating your planners, but it's not really a "real" planner subscription). I really wanted to try out a planner subscription...and I did look at a lot of them. There are a lot of subscriptions that have a lot of other things added, but I really just wanted the planner stickers (I would like more washi tape, though. That stuff is EXPENSIVE here in Hawai'i!). So I ran across Sparkles of Stickers in my search and really liked what I saw. Plus, I had written the shop owner (I found her on CrateJoy, and then learned more about her and her husband on Etsy.) and her reply was really fast and really nice and professional. And too, I really like her designs. They are fun and cutesy, the way that I like it! :)

Sparkles of Stickers is a monthly planner sticker subscription that costs $15/month (plus s/h). You get 2 full weekly spread kits for your Erin Condren Life Planner, however although I don't own one (it's not really my style, but I hear it's a nice planner!) I can still use it for my Passion Planner (that's the main planner that I plan to use these stickers with). The envelopes are sent out on the first of the month and you get a tracking number to track your envelope.

I got my stickers in this pink bubble envelope. I actually got this envelope on the 6th of this month, but didn't have time to write a review on it until now. But when I checked my tracking I was suppose to get it on the 8th, so I am so happy that it came early! I am glad that even though I live in Hawai'i, it didn't take a long time to get to me, like it usually does with other subscriptions. :( But not this one!

The stickers come in a clear plastic envelope. All nice and wrapped up. :) Simple presentation. I like that.

The first kit looks to be a fall theme. Which is nice! It is fall right now...and so this will be a fun theme to have! Here are two thick washi strips and a cute amount of deco stickers. I know that I can cut the washi tape smaller and thinner to my liking, so I like that. :)

Here are full boxes. I love the different colored patters they used! And the color scheme is so much fun!

Here are more full boxes, one half box and the days of the week. I think that I am going to use the days of the weeks on my month-at-a-glance page.

Half boxes and a weekend banner. I absolutely love my Passion Planner. I just wish that it was a Monday start instead of a Sunday start. I have several cute weekend banners, but I  can't even use them since my weekend days a split up. But that's okay. I'll get to use them eventually. Or in my other planners.

These are the "Little Things" stickers. I have to figure out how I want to use these ones. But again, I love this color scheme going on. I just love fall!

Here are headers and cute, cute heart checklists. I love the heart checklists! Those are so cute!

Ombre checklist boxes. Again, I love the hearts and I love the colors!

And that is the first set! So it looks like each set is 8 sheets of stickers. Wow...that's a good amount!

The second full kit that this came in looks to be Halloween themed. Fun! It looks like the same layout as the other set, but in a different theme. I like that. I love the owl sitting on top of the pumpkin! He's soooo cute!

Another fun set to use!

Sixteen sheets of planner sticker sheets all in all! I think that this is a really good deal! I know that the "No white space" thing is pretty popular in planners now, but I don't care for that. I just like to decorate my planners fun and pretty. I think that if I do it right I can actually use these two kits for the whole month. I have already did my weekly layout for this week though so I won't be able to use these cute kits until next week. I think how I am going to do it is I'll use each months kit for the last 3 weeks of the month and the first week of the next month. Since they don't get shipped out until the 1st of the month, I know that I won't be able to use them until the second week anyways. I can't wait to use them! I know that I'll be using these planner stickers with the other stickers that I'll be getting with my other subscriptions! I'll try to post up my weekly spreads on the beginning of each month "before the pen" and if there isn't too much personal stuff on, I'll also post up "after the pen."

If you would like to subscribe to this subscribe to Sparkles of Stickers, I am sure that you won't be disappointed! I know that there are different planner styles out there, but if you like the cutesy, themed ones, then I suggest that you go for this one! I like it, and I hope that you will too! There are only a limited amount of space for this subscription, so I suggest that you subscribe whenever you see that there is a space to subscribe!