Friday, October 28, 2016

Firefighters to the Rescue!

Today the firefighters came to our school to show us their trucks and tells us about what they do. They also told us about fire safety and how to stay safe in general. I always get nervous whenever there is a field trip--in-house field trip or out of school field trip. Although I adore this age, early 2 year olds, it's still very nerve-wrecking when I have to take my little darlings out of the "safe zone" of the school campus, because 2 year olds, as we all know, can be very, very unpredictable. I believe that "my" keikis are very well behave, and today they proved to me that my beliefs were true. :) I am so proud of them. Not only did my darlings sit through the whole demonstration, but they listened to me while we went around the trucks and explored the different sections that the firefighters were showing us.

I liked how he put on their fire uniforms on...and then while his mask was on, he encouraged the children to give him a high-five to show them that even though they have a mask, and they might sound a bit scary, they are safe. I liked how he did that just in-case something happens and they have to go into a burning building to get a child and their masks might make them look scary...the children know not to run away from them to be know that they are a safe person to run to.

It was SUPER cute because the children were super fascinated with the huge wheel cap of the tire! They could see their reflection in it and they were loving it!

I love the 2 year old age. I love how they are so curious, how they enjoy learning something new. For the most part, at least my 2 year olds, this was their first time being this close to a firetruck...and it was so fun to watch their appreciation for the firefighters grow. I have a little boy in my class telling me that he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up...and I know that if he puts his mind to it, he will! It was pretty cool because my assistant actually knew the Fire Chief and so after the other classes left, we stayed a bit longer and interacted more with the firefighters, shot the hose, stand in the truck, and even hear the was a magical moment for my darlings, and I have to say, that I am so proud of them. They are, after all, my darlings. :)