Friday, October 7, 2016

From Russia.

When I got home from my amazing brother's fun birthday bash, I saw that I got an envelope in my mail basket. I love getting mail! I just love love getting mail! At least "fun" mail...none of these bills business! :) Anyways, I realized that it was from a fellow postcrosser. I'm not sure about getting my postcards in an envelope, however getting postcard anyway makes me happy. And this postcard is from Russia. I know I say this a lot...but I would LOVE to visit Russia one day! The architecture there just seems so beautiful and amazing looking, I would love to experience it myself!

I'm not too sure about how she was able to make the postcard have a postmark, but she did! This particular postcard is dedicated to the first long-duration space flight. "This flight carried out by second cosmonaut in the world Herman Titov (he is on the stamp).

I love how she wrote what she was passionate about. And I can tell. She has a lot love for the cosmic. She said that her husband is even involved in the launches of the "Proton" rockets! I love it when people talk about the things that they are passionate about. :)

I also love the fact that she added these newspaper clippings in the envelope! Although I can't read what is being said, I love how I have this! It makes me what to send all my postcards in an envelope so that I can also send some newspaper clippings, or even fun magazine clippings as well! I think that I might start that. If they ask for their postcard to be sent in an envelope, I will do that. I love that idea.

One sentence that really stands out to me from her profile is "...I like everything related to aviation and cosmonautics." I like that, because I I can read how passionate she is about this topic through her postcard, and I think that it is awesome that she is sharing that with the world. The world needs more passionate people. :)