Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pipsticks: October 2016.

 I was surprised to see my Pipsticks sticker envelope earlier this week! But I don't know why I was surprised because it came within the first week last month. I think it's because I usually get my subscriptions towards the end of the month. I guess I am just used to just waiting for my subscription until later. I am liking how I am getting them early!

Pipsticks is "a company founded on the idea that little things can make a big difference....[they] are IN LOVE with stickers and understand their power to make you smile." They "connect and collaborate with thousands of amazing sticker lovers all over the world...[their] stickers are selected by designers and sourced from around the world." They do an amazing job at making sure that you will get a HUGE variety of stickers each month. You will also get an pre-stamped postcard to decorate and send out and other "paper goodies" in your awesome envelope packet. And it's sent like a regular letter with a cute stamp on it!

There are four different packages that you can choose from. There are two packages for kids and two for adults. For kids, there is the "Kid's Club Classic" for $14.95/month which will get you 15+ sheets of stickers, 1 postcard, and 4 sheets of craft paper. And the "Kid's Club Petite" for $9.95/month and that comes with 7+ sheets of stickers and 2 sheets of craft paper. For the adults, the "Pro Club Classic" for $14.95 will get you 15+ sheets of stickers, 1 postcard, and 1 quote card and the "Pro Club Petite" for $9.95 will get your 7+ sheets of stickers and 1 mini quote card. Shipping is free within the US, but there is an additional $3/month for international subscribers.

I really do love the presentation that have with this subscription.

It also seems as if the patters on the envelopes are different each month. So that's cool!

I wonder how many "Stick 'Em up" Stickers they actually have! :) But I like it! It looks like they were rushing this month! It looks like everything is everywhere in this packet!

This is everything that I pulled out of my envelope.

The first thing that I look at when I get my sticker envelope is the newletter that comes with it! Sugar skulls seem to be the thing here...

Awww....super disappointed So here is the winning ticket number and here is my last month's ticket number. Not even a little bit close. I really would have liked that pink typewriter! Well, peace and happiness sent to the winner that was a good prize to win!

As I was reading the news letter I saw that there was a coloring contest! Yay! I think that that would be super fun! I will color my sugar skull stickers and cross my fingers to win!

And this is the pattern on the back of the newsletter. Sugar skulls galore.  Hm...slightly creepy in my book. I had to look it up to see what these were all not at all bad. I just get the heebie jeebies when I see empty eyes and skulls like that.

I hope that these are the winning numbers for next month's prize! That would be fun to win something! :)

From the look of this, I'm not quite sure what theme is here! It looks like Christmas mixed with "miscellaneous things" sticker sheet. Cute though. I know that I'll use this for decorating something.

Cute animal sticker flakes. I'm not too sure what I am going to use these for. But I did recieve a letter a few days ago and I think that Emma might like these cute animal stickers!

Wizzard of Oz stickers! How cute! I have to admit though, I like Glinda, the wicked witch of the west though...ever since I saw the broadway show Wicked a few years ago, I have LOVED her...and her story.

Two fun plaid washi sheets that I know that I can put into good use!

Again, I say, I'm not sure about the theme this month. Or if there is a theme at all. I see a mixed of stickers here. I do love these ones though. Koi fish are beautiful to see and I can always use the cosmic stickers!

I definitely will be using these bats, black cats, and gold shiny leaves in my planner and letter writing. That should be a lot of fun!

Here is the sugar skull stickers that we can color to enter into the coloring contest! I will need to find time to do that. That should be fun!

Another random sheet of stickers. I'm not so sure what this is that a cat/bear cute thing?

This and the next sheet of stickers are my favorite this month! I love the paper cranes! I love paper cranes in general. My daddy use to make them for me all the time...and I miss that. It's a random sheet...but it's a favorite random. :)

I think these stickers are super cute! I know that I will be using these in my planner! They are cute!

I am not sure how I feel about these ones. They are unique, that's for sure. I'm also sure that I"ll be giving them away, not because I don't like them, but because I don't think that I will use them. And no stickers should be put to waste!

Here are cute cat stickers. They all look really sad and solemn though. What is up with that?! That's okay though. I like to use happy stickers, so I might have to give these away as well...but we will see. I love how they are dressed up. That's cute. :)

My card stock paper card thing was this one. I love these and I really need to find a use for them! I really like them a lot! "Be Brave & Be Bold." Good words to live by!

Here is the blank, pre-stamped postcard that we can design and send out. I have ideas on how to do this one. :)

And that is all the stickers and goodies that I got in this months sticker envelope! Like I said, I'm not quite sure what the theme was here. There was a little bit of everything. I did feel as if it was more scattered like though...but I haven't been getting this subscription enough times to know if that is how it is supposed to be or not. I do like the stickers so I am not going to complain about that. And I know that I can use the majority of the stickers...and since stickers to make people smile, I wouldn't mind giving away the ones that I know I wouldn't be using.

If you are a sticker lover like me, I recommend you subscribe to this subscription. You do get a lot of stickers and random ones that you can add to your collection. So, what are you waiting for!? Go to Pipsticks now and join me in this awesome sticker/paper goodies fun! :)