Tuesday, October 25, 2016

To my family and fellow postcrosser.

Päivi of Finland will be getting this gorgeous surfing postcard! Although this wasn't one exactly on her list, I hope she likes it. I looked through her favorite postcards and she had a lot of water ones...and so I decided on this one. She also mentioned that she loved cats and the Christmas holiday. Because she she said she loved Christmas, I decided to put some Christmas-y stickers on her postcard and also a picture of a kitty cat. I hope she enjoys it!

These next postcards I decided to send to my family here and on the mainland. I actually was going to write them on Sunday, but then I got super tired and I wasn't able to write them until now...so that date is kind of off...oh well. :)

This vintage Hawaiian island postcard will be making it's way to my cousin in California. He just recently got two new jobs in the Bay Area and so he was able to move nearer to home (where we both grew up)...so I wanted to send him a congratulations postcard! Something fun to get at his new place. And plus, his wife (who just so happens to be one of my closest friend...err...cousin (now!)) told me that he rarely, if ever, gets anything fun in the mail...so I hope that this is a nice surprise! :)

Of course I couldn't send one to my cousin without sending one to his wife as well! So I send her this vintage postcard. I miss this girl so much! It's so fun to see how life happens. I know that I wrote about this girl in my earlier posts when I first started to blog. She actually was my room/housemate in the Philippines when we went to school there. My cousin and her had been dating for nearly 10 years before they got married this past January...and I am so glad to be able to call her my cousin. I miss her a lot. And I wish that she were closer to me...but I'm not complaining because although we are still an ocean away...California is still a LOT closer than Thailand!

This other Vintage Hawaiian Island postcard I sent to my sister. I can't remember the last time that I mailed off something to my sister and so I wanted to just sent her a little something something to make her day. I know that she has long days being a mom and having two business going on...she is doing an awesome job...but sometimes, I think, you need something random and fun to make you smile...I hope this postcard makes her smile. :)