Saturday, October 29, 2016

Postcards for ME!

It has been awhile since I received any postcards...and so I was excited to see that today I had some waiting for me when I looked in my mail basket! :) Well, I got one postcard mailed to me, and then I got an enveloped addressed to me. But I had a feeling that it was just some postcards that was sent in an envelope, which I didn't mind. I was super excited to see what i got!

This was the envelope that I received from Michelle of Australia. It felt fairly thick and so I knew that there were several postcards in there. I have to admit that I was pretty surprised to see that it was not only one or two...but FOUR postcards! And it was from a direct swap that I agreed to from Australia! I know for sure that I am going to be sending this lady another postcard as a thank you for all the postcards that she sent me! I was so happily shocked to receive so many!

This first postcard that I pulled out was a picture of the beautiful city of Adelaide, Australia. I hope one day that I can come here and explore this fascinating city! I have a few friends who live there and I would LOVE to see them again! Michelle said that this was her favorite postcard. :)

This second postcard from Michelle was this beautiful picture of the Great Barrier Reef. Oh, I hope one day I could come here and just explore this part of the ocean! I think that that would be amazing! I would love to go there and just swim in that beautiful blue green water.

The third postcard from Michelle was this beautiful wild Australia flower one. It looks like a drawing of some sort...and a beautiful one at that! I love the pionk!

This last post card that Michelle sent me was a thank you postcard...and its super cute! I adore the message on the front, "I believe I can fly: Believe that you were born for greatness." She seems like a real sweet person. On her profile she said that she didn't want to do direct swaps with people, so I am glad that she wrote me and asked to do some with me. She seems like a real nice person. :)

This gorgeous, peaceful looking postcard is from Sven of Germany. It took 9 days to get to me and I like how he mention that he, too, is a full time teacher. He also mentioned that we live in different places...he lives in a place that has "vast forests...remote." But I enjoy the fact that he is a teacher. I believe that teachers have a different kind of heart...a super good heart...but I might be biased a bit. :)