Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pumpkin Patch

Today our school had it's annual visit to the Waimanalo Pumpkin Patch! I was worried that it was going to rain, and either we were going to have to cancel it, or we would still go and it would be crazy muddy. Last year we went, and it was crazy muddy. This year was a perfect day to go! We went in the morning and so it wasn't too hot and it was a lovely day.

You had to see it in person, but I love how the pumpkin patch has a view of the ocean on one side and the view of the mountains on the other side! Since I've been to pumpkin patches on the mainland, nothing compares to that...but I love how we can at least have something like this...and it's perfect. The farm is owned by a lovely Christian family who enjoys opening their farm to the public...and they are one of the most down to earth, super nice people that you can ever meet! Super nice!

They had a sunflower maze for the children! I love it! I love being near all those flowers and watching the bees flit from this flower to that...and since this field trip was a parent participation field trip, the parents had to come. My sister brought my niece (who also goes to my school) and her little brother, so because I love them, I told my sister that she could just stay in the shade and enjoy some "me time" while I took her kids around. Some of my other kids decided to come hang out with me...so I was able to bond with their parents more and have a fun time! I let the children lead me around the maze...it was a lot of fun!

I just LOVE how the sunflowers looked against the mountains and the beautiful cloud formations! Like I said, it was a beautiful day!

Here is my lil Kaiboy enjoying himself. It was so hard to take a picture of him because he was wanting to run all over the place! I'm so glad that he isn't allergic to sunflower seeds because he was sticking his nose in the flowers and trying to smell them! I would say that he was having a lot of fun too! :)

One of my favorite reasons to come here is for their ono lemonade! They grow their own lemons and make fresh lemonade everyday! And it is one of the best on the island! My favorite flavor is Li Hing Mui lemonade! So ono! My sister liked the pineapple lemonade and the mango lemonade. Both were yummy too! :)

It's very rare that my Kaiboy will ride in his carrier...but for some reason after walking around, he wanted my sister to carry him in his carrier...and she she put him in, he just kept laughing and laughing! :) Then he wanted to get down and walk around again...which we did. :)

Here is a better view where you can see the ocean in the background. They set aside days where it's school days so that school can enjoy the pumpkin patch without the hoards of public people that love to come here. When it's school days, they do close a lot of the entertainment for whatever reason. We are always welcomed to come back during the weekend to partake in all the games, but for safety sake, since not all schools do the parent participation, they close the games. They have pumpkin shooting games, and launch the pumpkin, and other fun games. You can also ride on some of the animals that they have. :) This picture shows the area where a lot of the games are, so for right now it looks bare. :)

Can't have a pumpkin patch without any pumpkins! :)

Here are some of the animals that they had in their petting zoo area. They had a lot! They had a lot of different kinds of chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, cows, donkeys, llamas, roosters, turtles, dogs, and turkeys, to name a few!

Here is Kaiboy looking at the baby chicks! Which he loved!

A big turkey!

....and my favorite! Turtles and tortoises! I so want one! :)

It was a very good day today...I know that the kids liked it, and I could see the parents liking it too. I like events like this, where parents could meet each other and arrange play dates for the kids and just get to know each other. I feel as if a school isn't only for the kids, but also for the parents too, to get to know each other and to make friends. :)