Sunday, October 30, 2016

Weekly Planner Layout, 30-5.

I know that things are going to be crazy around here...not only with me but with everything around me. And I am trying to keep on top of things so that I won't get piled up and get too stressed out. But if ever that is the case, I always have the ocean. A few minutes of just being near the amazing power of the ocean, I feel like I can take anything. :) But for now, my planners keep in check. :)

So this is the planner that I use as my daily planner. I love my Passion Planner. And although it's on the pricey side (at least for me), it is so worth it. I know that I'll be sad as the year comes to an end though because I have been loving this planner for the year!

One thing that I do like about this planner is that it's simple and that it doesn't have color to clash with what you want to design it with. And it's so can customize it to how it's best for you. I like color...and I like designing for whatever season and/or holiday that is happening. I also like to craft and make things "pretty" and so that is why I like to add some color to my planner. I don't understand how those to follow the whole "no white spaces" planners...I feel as if I wouldn't have any room to write what I need to write! But hats off to them for being able to do that. At least for me I will stick to what work for me. :)

I really love the Sparkles of Stickers gives me enough stickers to design several layouts in my planner and still have some left over to use for other things and even to save for next year maybe. :) But for now...this is my layout for this week. It's going to be Halloween tomorrow and so I love how this one has that holiday feel to it...:) I also used some stickers from my Pipsticks subscription. Well, here is to the new week and to filling this week out!