Sunday, October 23, 2016

Off they go!

This King Kamehameha postcard will be on it's way to the beautiful country of India to a gentleman named Rizwan. He is interested in geology and that's what he wanted...something that has to do with volcanoes, caves, rocks, minerals, and such...but he also said that he wanted "royal King Queen Prince Princess"...and so I wanted to send him this postcard...this beautiful postcard of King Kamehameha. I told him a little bit about me and that I wanted to visit his beautiful country one of these days!

I had ordered this postcard from online...I didn't realize that it came with THIRTY of the same postcard! But that's okay...because it's one of my favorite prints! :) And this particular postcard will be making it's way to Jane of Tennessee!! I actually like it when I get the address of another fellow American! Each state is unique...and I would love to one day go to every state in the United States...:) But this one is going to Jane who loves, really loves vintage postcards! She mentioned it a few times in her profile how much she loves vintage postcards, so I decided to send her one! I hope she enjoys this one! :)