Thursday, October 6, 2016

Out-going postcards.

I was very much surprised when several of my postcards got to their destinations at the same time, or around the same time. So I was able to send off a couple of postcards at the same time. Plus, I had reached the quota to be able to send off an extra postcard, so now I am able to have 8 postcards in the mail at the same time.

That one postcrosser who said that they wanted their postcard in an envelope still hadn't gotten back to me whether or not he wanted me to wrote on the postcard or not didn't get back to me, so I just wrote on the postcard, and sent it off in an envelope.

This postcard (that I sent in an envelope) is going to Brasil to a gentleman named Luiz. He mentioned that he wanted to have postcards of lighthouses and so I sent him this postcard of the Diamond Head Lighthouse. I told him a little bit about myself. It took me awhile to finally send this postcard because he mentioned that he wanted his postcard sent in an envelope, but didn't say if he wanted me to write on the postcard or not. I wrote him asking him what his preference was, and has not replied, and so I went ahead and wrote on the postcard and sent it in an envelope. I hope that that is okay with him.

This surfing postcard will be sent to Taiwan to a lady named Ellie. She is also a teacher like me, but yet she also said that she liked to travel the world--and she has been around to a lot of different places! I'm happy for her! On her list of postcards that she wanted, it was short--she wanted a postcard that would surprise her. I hope this one surprises her in a good way. :)

This vintage postcard will be going to a young lady in Turkey. I have wanted to go to Turkey for some time. I have met some really nice people from Turkey and because of that, I have wanted to go there. Anyway, this lady mentioned that she liked historic buildings and so I decided to send her this vintage postcard of The Royal Hawaiian. I hope she enjoys this card that I picked for her!

This Lanikai moonrise postcard will be on it's way to a high school student of China. I think that it's pretty cool that he is interested Biology and Chemistry. He wrote on his profile that he's "looking forward to getting any and all postcards, especially enjoy those that have the name of your town, city, province, state or country on them..." and so that is why I sent him this postcard. I hope he enjoys it. :)

This other vintage postcard will be going to Johanna in Germany. This lady writes books  and she also paints as a hobby. She has a lot of interests...and one is getting snail mail and postcards from around the world. She wanted postcards of the city view, and so I sent her this vintage postcard with a view of The Royal Hawaiian. I also told her a little bit about myself. I hope she likes it!

The Pearl Harbor postcard will be going to Colorado to a lady named Lisa. She didn't really say much on her profile but that she would like postcards of where we live. Of course, I always send postcards of where I live and this one is no different. I did tell her a little bit about me. I hope she enjoys!

Six postcards being sent off tomorrow! I hope that they all get to their destinations safely with blessings!