Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Commit30 Planner

It's around that time where I start collect planners for the coming up new year! I love to look for different planners and just get the updated planners of the ones that I do like. I like to get them early, so by the time the new year rolls around, I'll have then all ready and I don't have to wait for them to get to me. :)

I actually got this one, Commit30 Planner,  through a Kickstarter campaign, and I was interested in it. I'm not sure what I'll be using this particular planner for, but I have an idea for it.

I love this quote that they put on a bookmark.

I also love how it's the color gold. I tend to favor that color in my planners. My main, everyday planner that I'm using right now is gold. And I love it! :)

So, this planner is called the Commit30 planner. Basically for 30 days, it encourages you to commit to something. Anything...but it has to be for 30 days. It could be a lifestyle change, or a habit you want to get rid of, or make happen...but for 30 days you have to commit to whatever it is. And if it works out for you, then you can continue it, or you can change what you didn't like and make that the next thing that you commit for for 30 days.

I like how she gives you some suggestions...30 days of green smoothies sounds like a good one! 30 days of letter writing would be a challenge indeed! Maybe I can change that to 30 days of postcards, or something! :) I like the 30 days of Random acts of kindness! But there are a lot of suggestions and ones that you can come up with on your own!

I have put this planner aside {for now] and I am looking forward to using it at the start of 2017!