Friday, October 21, 2016

Stickii-Cute Pack October 2016: Adventure.

 I am so excited and happy to see that my cute Stickii subscription pack came! I am so tempted to subscribe to this subscription two other times! I really want the Retro and Pop packs as well as this cute Stickii pack! I just love stickers and I love getting them! Lets see how long it will take me until I crave and just subscribe to all three packs. I love love the stickers I get from the cute Stickii pack...and I know that I'd love the Retro and Pop packs as well! :)

STICKII club is a sticker subscription that sends out fun-filled envelopes of kawaii stickers! They offer three different styles of subscription packs from Cute, Retro, and Pop styles of stickers for $10/month each (Free delivery in the US, $1.25 delivery for Canada, and $2 delivery everywhere else)! According to CrateJoy, "Not only the Cute Pack includes all the kawaii stickers, our Retro and Pop Pack also loaded with adorable stickers but just with a slightly different mood." Each monthly pack comes with 5+ big sticker sheets, 10+ small-medium single stickers, and 1+ washi tape sample. And each month is a different theme for all styles. Subscribe to one style or multiple styles, it's up to you...and must have subscription for sticker lovers (like myself!) :)

I always get excited whenever I get some happy mail! Whether that be a postcard, a letter, a package...or this bright pink envelope full of stickers!

This little guy is super cute! I love how they put that extra on the mail, it's like an extra smile! :)

The theme this month is fun! I love this should be fun fun fun! :)

STICKERS!!! I love what I see already!! :)

For some reason, I noticed this little packet of sticker flakes I opened to see what was inside...

SUPER cute! It's like Hansel and Gretel storyline of stickers! How adorably cute! :) I have to saw the sticker with the house on it is super cute!

Here are my two big stickers...! I know who Hello Kitty is...I'm not too sure who the other character is...but he looks fun too! I think I'll send this to my friend who loves stickers like this.

I got THREE samples of washi tape this time! And all three are SUPER cute! I can't wait to write up some postcards and letters and use these washi tape to decorate them! My favorite of the three is the bottom license plates one. That's cute!

This sticker sheet reminds me of the card game Dutch Blitz that I use to play when I was younger! I love how they are small and cute!

Here are two close ups of the two girls displayed. I have an idea of how to use these stickers!

PERFECT! I love these Native American stickers!! I definitely will be using these adorable stickers to decorate some Thanksgiving cards that I'm wanting to give out next month!

This sticker sheet is in my top favorite in this month's pack! I love the clouds and airplanes! I love love love!

I can always use stickers like these in my planners! I adore the windmill in the middle right and the cute, purple creature on the bottom right area! So adorbz!!

Another sticker sheet that I know that I will put to good use with my letter/postcard writing and planner!

These puffy Halloween stickers are the CUTEST!!! Oh my goodness! I just love them! I will definitely be using them in the cards that I want to be making and my letter writing! (Too bad I don't use puffy stickers in my planners! I would would love use them in my planners...but I hate how they create a bump on the next page! Oh well...)

 And that was all the amazing stickers that I got in this month's pack! I have to say that I am very happy with this subscription...and I just might, in the near future, REALLY near future be subscribing to the other two packs in this subscription. I like the stickers that I get in the cute pack...and I have seen on social media what is in the other two packs...and I love them as well. And come on, you really can't have too much stickers, can you?! :)

If you would like to join me in this fun monthly subscription, please click here to start your subscription today! Let me know which pack (or packs) you decided to's so hard to choose just one! :)

(How many times did you read the word CUTE in this post?! I lost count! :))