Saturday, October 1, 2016

To my bestie.

Today I had the time to design and decorate my first pre-stamped postcard that I got with my last Pipstick's subscription box. I know that it has taken me awhile and I had it in my planner to get it done and sent off...but then with my trip to Maui and a hectic life schedule it just kept being pushed to the back burner until today.

So the subscription box, Pipsticks, has a blank pre-stamped postcard that was added in the box ( like an envelope. :)) that you can design and send to a friend. So I wanted to send this to my best friend who lives in California. I miss her and so I decided to let her know. :)

This is how I decided to to decorate and design it. There is no round about way to say it...but I miss my best friend. I've known her all my life. Our parents were good friends and so we grew up together. When we got older, Mar and I got closer and I learned that no matter how many friends someone can have...the one you call your best friend is the one who will always be there no matter what. Even if you move across the ocean, they will still make sure that you know that you are loved and not forgotten. And that is why I miss my best friend. No matter what, I know that she will always be there. So I wanted to send her a smile...I hope this makes her smile.

I miss you, Mar.