Friday, October 14, 2016

To you, from me.

This beautiful view of the Hanauma Bay postcard will be send to Hong Kong to a young lady by the name of Vickie. Although she did have a lengthy list of the postcards she wished to have, she did mention that she wanted a postcard of nature, "the beautiful side of your country", and the ocean...and I feel as if this postcard has all three of those characteristics! She is also a teacher like I think that that is pretty awesome! :)

Natasha of Russia suggested that she wanted a postcard with a beautiful landscape, and so I couldn't help but send her the same postcard as Vickie! I think that this view of Hanauma Bay is one of the many beautiful landscapes that we have here in Hawai'i and so I really hope that she likes it. I have noticed that all my postcards that I've sent to Russia have expired (has been more than 60 days)...and so I put even more stamps on it, and hopefully it will get to her! I feel bad because all my postcards that I have sent to this beautiful country does not get to the person...and I have no idea why! :( Hopefully this one will get to them...

This beautiful mulit-view postcard was sent to Mere of the Cook Islands! She is currently the only active member of her tiny island nation...and it is my honor to send her a direct swap postcard! She said that she didn't want to know the "touristy stuff" but stuff about you...about why you love where you live, about you life, about family...and so I told her that I moved her 6 years ago and why I decided to stay. She mentioned that although she has sent out postcards (via direct swap) she rarely gets any back, and so I hope she gets my postcard!

This is the first of two postcard that I will be sending to Michelle who lives in Australia. She wrote me and specifically asked for two specific postcards. This one I had one of, but the other postcard she requested, I don't have the exact copy of, but I have a similar one, that she said that she would like to have as well. I am just waiting on her address so that I can send her this postcard and I will write the other postcard later. She seems like a real nice person from the direct messages that we have been sending to each other, so I hope that she enjoys this postcard!