Sunday, October 2, 2016

From Pennsylvania.

My amazing landlady had this idea to put a basket in the garage so that she can place my mail in it so in-case I get home late, I don't have to walk down to the mailbox to get my mail. I think that she is one of the most thoughtful persons ever. :) This morning, I went out to go birthday shopping for my brother's birthday this Friday, and saw that I had a postcard in the basket and look what I got! :) A postcard from Pennsylvania!

This postcard took 9 days to get to me from Karen of Pennsylvania. She mentioned that she works in a bookstore and I think that that is super cool! In another life, I think that it would be fun to work in a coffee/tea/bookstore!

Getting this postcard, it made mt think of my childhood best friend. She was born in Pennsylvania and she use to go there often and I told myself that I wanted to go there one of these days. Also, I would LOVE to visit the Hershey Factory! But thank you to Karen for this beautiful postcard!