Monday, October 31, 2016

My Little Monster.

Today at the preschool we allowed the children to come in their costumes, as long as there were no weapon props, or any"questionable" costumes. I loved seeing all the Disney princess, super heroes, and we had plenty of firefighters this year! My DollGirl came running into my classroom excited to show me her costume...and all I saw was a black outfit. So when she asked me to guess what she was I replied with, "a ninja?!"...and she gave me the most fiercest face and said, "I'm a MONSTER!" In my defense, she did NOT have her tail on...and her hood was down and she was just showing me the front of her costume which was all black...and so I didn't know!! :) That was when her dad walked in and showed me her tail and tied it on, and she put on her hood and turned around...

Yep, my sister is super talented. :) She made DollGirl's and KaiBoy's "monster" costume...and I was happy to see KaiBoy in his monster costume because my sister came by to the school later on in the day and he was running around with his tail...SUPER CUTE! :)

This is her showing me her monster face...gah, I just love her SO much! :)

Such a sill monster, she is! :) But do you see what I mean?! When you look at her from the front, she looks like a ninja! Oh well, she came be a ninja monster...:)

And YES! I was able to stock up on Vampire Blood! :) Be safe everyone! Happy Halloween! :)