Saturday, October 22, 2016

Card Making and Family.

I am actually writing this at my sister-in-law's house! Early this morning she asked me if I wanted to come over to hang out. This whole week we have been trying to hang out, but with me getting sick earlier this week and then unforeseen things happening to both her and I we weren't able to hang out until today. She called me this morning asking if I wanted to go to her house just to hang out and do whatever. Right as I was leaving, I remembered that she told me that she had gone to Ben Franklin's so that she can get stuff to get back into scrapbooking. And that's when I had the idea that I wanted to get back into card making! I hadn't done so in such and long time...and I still have some stuff to make some kine of cards!

Well, I called Mandy and asked her if she wanted to do card making with me...or she can work on her scrap booking...and she said yes. So I ended up bringing some of my stuff and we made cards. Like I said, I hadn't done so in such a long time; it felt good to be doing some craft for me...not for the children, but for me. :)

This is the first card that I made...and I'm not too sure that I am very happy with it. But it was the first one that I did in a long time. I mean, I like it...but there is no theme. I was thinking that I was going to make some "Thankful" cards to send and give out next month...and so this was the first one that I did. I think that I might just remove the fall leaves washi tape...and then that should be good. It's not bad after years of no card making!

I kept the inside of the card super simple. (But I had to add the glitter washi! :))

I did nothing to the back. I might go back and change that at a later time.

My second one makes me happy. :) (Did you see what I did there?! :)) I just did this one with no though and just looked through my stickers at what I could do. I like how it turned out.

Still kept it simple on the inside. I have an idea on who to send this one to!

And I had to add a butterfly on the back of it! :)

The last card of the night I made with a cupcake theme in mind. I saw that I had a few cupcake stickers and so I decided to make something with cupcakes. I didn't really have a layout in mind...but I am real happy with the way that this card turned out!

"All you need is love and CUPCAKE." I just love that quote!

I love this washi tape cupcakes! It's so cute and yummy!:)

After Amanda and I finished making our cards, we decided to go to out other sister's house and bring some yummy Bob's pizza and just hang out there. So we went to Bob's pizza...and when I got there it looked like I stepped into school! I saw several of my keiki's there enjoying pizza with their parents and each other. I was able to introduce them to Mandy...and told them that we were on the way to DollGirl's house to go hang out with them. It was cute coz one of the little boys who was there is one of DollGirl's REALLY good friends and he wanted to come with me! I told him that DollGirl will be going to school on Monday and they can play there. It was cute. :)

So we went to go hang out at my sister's for a while. While I was there, I had just relaxed on the couch and when I did that I automatically flipped my hair over the couch to let it hang down...and that's when Kuya Neal was like, "Can I cut you hair?!" and just like that I said "Yes." My sister comes out of the kids room, where she had just put the kids to sleep, and was like "what are you doing?!' I was standing in the kitchen and Kuya Neal was just about to cut my hair! He said that he had never cut long hair like mine before...and I told him, it would be difficult to mess up, since I do have super long hair. Plus, It was only a trim. :) He ended up cutting about 9ish inches off my hair. Where it use to be a few inches below my butt it is more near up the lower-middle of my back. It really does feel a LOT lighter! :)

Mandy and I came back to her house and since her husband (my brother) is off in the mainland for work, I am here sleeping over. We came back and just started talking and then before we knew is it was nearing midnight...and so I said that I was just going to spend the night and then we can grab breakfast tomorrow before she goes to the airport to pick up my brother. So here I am in their guest room writing this was a good day--filled with family, friends...and crafting. :)