Thursday, February 2, 2017

Traveling postcards!

This friend from Turkey specifically requested a panoramic view of the the city and so I decided to send him this view of Honolulu. I hope that he likes it! :)

Loïc requested a postcard that represented where I live and I think that this was a perfect postcard to send to France. I hope that he enjoys this beautiful view of this beach! :)

The next three postcards are a set of three postcards being sent to the same place. I will be sending these postcards to China.

The first of the three postcards going to China will be this one. My friend specifically asked for this one and so since I had several of these particular postcards, I decided to send him one! :)

This next postcard going to China is this vintage moonrise postcard. He mentioned that he liked vintage postcards and moonrise pictures, and so I thought that this would be a lovely addition to his postcard collection! :)

And lastly this postcard of a multi-view tourist postcard will round up the group of 3 postcards on their way to China! I hope my friend from China will like these postcards that will be on it's way to him! :)