Saturday, February 4, 2017

Tiny Feet.

Today my DollGirl came out of her classroom and showed me this beautiful creature that hatched in her room. I'm not sure of what the technical term is when a caterpillar emerges as a butterfly from it's it called hatching?! Well, anyway, my DollGirl's classroom is blessed to have a lot of chrysalis' that are on the verge of hatching and this little guy came out while they were in the classroom and so when it was time to come outside to play, my DollGirl very carefully let it walk on her finger to let her take it outside.

Here is her little cutenss giving me a "loud" smile as she shows me the beautiful butterfly that she was able to hold for just a moment before it took off to the skies! I'm so glad that I was able to take this really quick picture of her holding the gorgeous butterfly.

After the butterfly flew off, for some reason DollGirl wanted me take a picture of her socks. She rarely wears socks, but it has been kind of cold lately and so she decided to for whatever reason to wear these cute mismatched socks.

When her classmates saw that I was taking a picture of her socks, they thought I was taking a picture of their feet and wanted me to take pictures of their feet to. It was super cute coz I told them that I would take a picture of their feet if their feet smiled for me. This is their feet smiling for me.

More "smiling" feet! I just love how these children think. I love how they LOVE to go around barefoot, and I appreciate living in a place where that is allowed. When I first started to work in a preschool setting and saw how they would do this, I would get upset that they might step on something that might hurt them, but the longer that I worked here the more that I saw that this is the way of life here. I even have parents who remove their shoes when they walk into my classroom! Now, that is respect!

This reminds me how careful we have to be around children. They will mimic you. They will follow in your footsteps whether you wan them ore not. They are innocent. I have to remember this and this makes me smile because I realize because of them, I am always striving to be a person worthy to be followed in her footsteps. :)