Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sleeping under the waves.

I got the most awesome "nightlight" ever! Well, it's more of a projection nightlight. I can change the colors of the light from red, blue, green, yellow and I can either keep it at that one color or I can use all the colors. I can have it steady or have it blinking. And another awesome feature is that we can have it on the timer! I set it to an hour and I put the light setting to blue, and it looks like I'm sleeping under the waves. And it's pretty cool because I can hear the REAL ocean waves from my window since I live near the ocean...and I love it. I love sleeping "under the waves" and it doesn't go on all night long. It's very relaxing to watch and I feel like it helps me with my sleeping problem. It relaxes me and I feel like I can go to sleep faster. I doesn't keep me asleep, obviously, but at least I can initially got to sleep, because that has been a problem for me. I hope that it lasts longer. But yes, I really like my new "nightlight." :)