Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Rodan + Fields: Just trying things out!

A couple days ago my friend came to pick up her child at the preschool and I mentioned that I LOVE her eyelash extensions...except they weren't extensions! They were her REAL eyelashes! AND she wasn't even wearing mascara! The next day she came wearing mascara and it really did look like she was wearing fake eyelashes or something. They were super long, thick and just looked really good, so I mentioned it again and that's when she told me that she was a Rodan + Fields Consultant and wanted to know if I wanted to join her Lash Boost Party that she was going to be throwing in two days on Facebook telling everyone what her business was all about.

I told her that I would love to, and she was in no way pushy about anything, but very informative and didn't make me feel like I had to buy anything at all! I usually stay clear out of things like this because I always feel like I am pressured to buy something. But this time, she just told me facts and I even SAW results on her so yes, I decided to try out the Lash Boost of Rodan + Fields.

I went ahead and bought the Lash Boost and I am super excited to try it out. My other friend also bought and also signed up to be a consultant herself as well! I told her that I would wait for her to get her Lash Boost so that we can try this out together. The process is super easy! Basically, every night on a clean face you swipe this serum on your top lash line and let it soak/dry in and that's it. For 8 weeks you do this, but you can already see results within a few weeks...and so I am excited to try this! After the 8 weeks of doing this daily, you can just apply this just 2 times a week. So even though it's a 60 day supply, it can last longer! For one 60 day supply it was $135.

I don't really wear a lot of make up any longer...I do miss it, because I just love being girlie like that. :) But I still love my mascara and blush...and I will always love lipgloss/chapstick! Other than that I don't really do anything else to "fix" my looks (aside from trying to make healthy choices to loose weight more healthy.). So this was something different for me. But I really want this...who doesn't want longer, thicker, darker lashes!

When I decided to become a preferred customer, I was automatically entered into a drawing to win a Lash Boost product and new Burberry sunglasses! And guess what?! I won! So today, Hillary (my friend who is the consultant to introduced me into Rodan + Fields) brought me my prize. Later on, the Lash Boost will be coming in the mail...and I'm excited! I have two supplies of Lash Boost!

I will never say no to a gift! And so when Hillary and her son brought me this gift, I was excited! Especially since I knew what was inside! :)

So this is what the Lash Boost looks like when it comes to you.

And then you open it and then....

You get the actual product. I have to say that I absolutely adore the packaging! I love the presentation and I appreciate how it looks! :) I'm more than SUPER proud to finally use it! I think I'll be starting tomorrow! I just need Jade (my other friend who because a consultant) to get her's...and she is going to get hers tomorrow! I'm SUPER excited!

This was a gift from Hillary! A deluxe sample size of their most-loved product the Redefine Regime! I am excited to try this out and see if I should try it out indefinitely. :) I am looking to use the Soothe Regime...but let me try with this one first. :)

And this was the last gift that I got from Hillary! She knew that I really like chap stick, so she added these lip shield chapsticks to my gift back!

I have not yet tested these products, but I am super excited to start, that's for sure! I'll try to keep posting on the results of these products. :)