Thursday, February 9, 2017

Pipsticks: February 2017.

 It's always a happy moment whenever I get any kind of happy mail! And today was another "happy moment"...moment. :) Another awesome envelope filled with stickers! And it's always an a mystery what kind of stickers I get...even though at times we get a sneak peak through IG, I always am excited to see what kind of stickers I am going to get! :)

Pipsticks is "a company founded on the idea that little things can make a big difference....[they] are IN LOVE with stickers and understand their power to make you smile." They "connect and collaborate with thousands of amazing sticker lovers all over the world...[their] stickers are selected by designers and sourced from around the world." They do an amazing job at making sure that you will get a HUGE variety of stickers each month. You will also get an pre-stamped postcard to decorate and send out and other "paper goodies" in your awesome envelope packet. And it's sent like a regular letter with a cute stamp on it!

There are four different packages that you can choose from. There are two packages for kids and two for adults. For kids, there is the "Kid's Club Classic" for $14.95/month which will get you 15+ sheets of stickers, 1 postcard, and 4 sheets of craft paper. And the "Kid's Club Petite" for $9.95/month and that comes with 7+ sheets of stickers and 2 sheets of craft paper. For the adults, the "Pro Club Classic" for $14.95 will get you 15+ sheets of stickers, 1 postcard, and 1 quote card and the "Pro Club Petite" for $9.95 will get your 7+ sheets of stickers and 1 mini quote card. Shipping is free within the US, but there is an additional $3/month for international subscribers.

I can never mistake this envelope for anything else other than my beloved Pipsticks subscription. I love how each envelope each month has a different pattern...and it's all so cute! :)

And each envelope is always in a protective plastic sheath thing so that it won't get messed up in transit, at least that's what I'm thinking. :)

So, here is everything I got in my envelope...first glance, and I'm super excited to see it all! :)

I do love reading the newlestter and just seeing how much time and effort they put into it makes it more better! :) There is always a lot of good things to read in it.

I'm excited about this! I do have plenty of penpals, but I do love Postcrossing and so I do want to see what this other site is about! :)

My ticket number is obviously not the wining number...but my goodness it's SO off, and it can't possible be even from the same batch of tickets! Makes me wonder...oh well, maybe one day it'll be my turn to win something...

So this is what the next winner will next month. Suzie Sunshine, cute. :)

On the back of the newsletter, it's always a different pattern...just like the envelope. If I didn't like the newsletter so much I would have used the back pattern for some of my art journaling. One day I might, but for now I would like to keep them. :)

I am still on a hunt for a photo frame. It's measurements are 8.5x5.5...and it's a lot harder to find something that I am satisfied with than I though! But I do love these quote cards! I love them all and I feel like i should be using them more! I don't like putting them to no I need to find a frame to use...

On the back of the quotes cards is always these cute patterns. All these cute patterns! I love them!

I love these! I just need to find the time to actually design these and send them out. I always know who I'm going to send them to, just need to find the time to actually design these pre-stamped postcards!

Here's my ticket for the next raffle. Let's see how it fares!

I have already looked through all my stickers and this is the only sticker sheet that disappointed me. I actually do love this sticker sheet, but it's missing several stickers...and some are folded and bent, and that to me is a disappointing. This isn't the first time that this has happened, and I'm sure that it's not the last, but I was hoping that it wouldn't happen so frequently. I did write them and I have yet to hear from them. But from what I have learned, they have excellent customer service, and I have no doubt they will get back to me. I told them that I didn't want a replacement,  I was just letting them know so that they can maybe improve quality control. But yes, like I was saying...I still like the theme of this sticker sheet! :) cool!

Look how cute these tiny stickers are! They are perfect for my planners and my postcards! I they are super cute! :)

These sumo wrestlers are just the cutest! I love them! I can think of a number crafts/projects I can use these!

These are beautiful! I love them and I have to say that these are my favorite stickers from these pack! :) I love love love them!

I like cats, I do, but I am not crazy about cats...and I feel like I am always getting cat stickers. I do have to say, though, a lot of the postcrossers that I've come across like cats, and so I can always use them on my postcards, but I won't be sad if I had less stickers of cats.

I love these kine stickers! I can always use them in my planners! I love how they are all glittery and tiny enough to use.

These are cute! I love these...I've always had a thing with feathers...

I love these stickers! They are so me! I know that these are something I will use with only special things. :)

Yes, yes, and yes! I love all these animal stickers! I can always use these for a lot of things...I love them so much!

I am so starting to love sticker flakes a lot! I love how I get all these sticker flakes because I find that I am always using them! :)

Look at all the stuff I got, and despite getting a sticker sheet that was missing stickers, I still really loved this pack! I love all the stickers and paper goodies that I got! I love and appreciate it all!

 If you are a sticker lover like me, I recommend you subscribe to this subscription. You do get a lot of stickers and random ones that you can add to your collection. So, what are you waiting for!? Go to Pipsticks now and join me in this awesome sticker/paper goodies fun! :)