Tuesday, February 7, 2017

LuLaRoe shirt came in! :)

When I pulled into the garage when I came home from work I was curious to see this very pretty package waiting for me in my in my mail basket. I love hearts and look how beautiful and cute this is!

I really had no idea what was inside and so I excitedly opened it and look what it was! :)

My LuLaRoe purchase came it! Wow! That was super fast...the only thing is, it fit perfectly. I now know that if I want to buy this top again and have it fit perfectly then I will buy a medium. The problem with that is that I didn't want this shirt with this patter to fit perfectly. I wanted it to wear it a bit larger so that I can do the different styles. I couldn't do it with this shirt because it fit perfectly...and wearing this shirt as is not my style of shirt. I don't normally wear patterns like this. I liked it, but not enough to keep it.

So, I brought it to my sister's house to give to her, but my DollGirl wanted to try it on!

Goodness! I love this girl so much! She cracks me me up! Here is her wearing my LuLaRoe top, that I am going to give my sister, and showing me a bit that she wrote. Oh and she is wearing her daddy's shoes! Silly little DollGirl!

But anyway, my suggestion is that if you want an Irma from LuLaRoe to fit perfectly, get two sizes down from what you would normally wear. I feel as if I could have worn a small as well...it was pretty loose feeling. It was the neckline that isn't that stretchy so, I couldn't fit my arms in it as well so that I an make it into a halter. I might I like this shirt, but I would have liked it better as a large so that I could make it into a halter/one shoulder/dress shirt thing...oh well. Now I know!