Friday, February 10, 2017

Love from the world!!

This beautiful postcard of this amazing castle was from Germany where it traveled 19 days to get to me. I love this postcard! I feel like this is one of my top favorite postcards. I love castles and I love Disney...and since this the castle is the one that inspired the Disney World castle. How awesome is that?! I love that! And I love how Christian picked this particular postcard for me! He said that he lived not too far from this beautiful castle and I think that that is amazing. The view is something to be envious about, too! :) I love it. I super love it!

How's about this amazing postcard! I love it! This postcard came to me from Germany from a wonderful lady who has sent me some amazing postcards in the past. I love how she picked out this postcard for me! I also love the quote that she added to my postcard, "Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else has over thought!" Albert Einstein.  I love it and I so agree with it! Life is definitely a beach!  Mermaids make me smile, and I wish that I could be one...but I"m happy being me. :)