Thursday, February 9, 2017

Going out into the world.

This postcard will be on it's way to Latvia to a young lady named Anna. She wrote that she loves to travel, nature...and she is a coffee lover! She also wrote that she she loves the sky, sunsets/rises, and weather and so I decided to send her this postcard with coffee stickers on it! I hope she likes it! :)

This postcard is traveling to Germany to Maryna. I love how she said that her "biggest wish is peace in Ukraine." I love that. Not only for Ukraine, I wish that there was peace everywhere. Everywhere needs more peace...and she likes for it start in Ukraine. A beautiful wish. :) She didn't mine what postcard she received, so I decided to send her this gorgeous one with fun stickers! :)

This cute and fun postcard will be sent to Finland to a young little girl. She said that she loved animals and figure skating. She also said that she liked beautiful stamps so I used one of my favorite stamps and cute stickers. I really hope that she likes this postcard and how I decorated it for her.

This postcard is making it's way to the mainland, to Iowa exactly. She said that she has no "preferences for what type of postcards" she receive, so I decided to send her this one. I hope she likes it! Stickers and all!