Thursday, January 12, 2017

The world coming to me in postcards! :)

This cute and lovable polar bear postcard comes to me from Germany! It took 13 days to get to me and Kris, the postcrosser who sent me this lovely postcard, wrote that "over [there] the meadows are frozen and white at the moment." That must looks amazing! :)

How funny is the mail system! This postcard is also from Germany, however it traveled 24 days to get to me [the previous postcard took only 13 days!] However, that could be different factors as well. But however long it took to get to me, I am so glad that I got it! :) I think that it was pretty sweet that they added the shiny washi tape! LOVE it! :)

This here is a direct swap from Slovakia from a really nice lady named Natalie. I adore the blue skies and the different views of this country! This postcard made me want to see more of it, and so I looked up this country, and wow...a VERY beautiful country!

This gorgeous flower arrangement postcard was sent to me from Netherlands!I love thoughtful gesture of sending flowers! :) This took 25 days to get to me.