Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Stickii-Retro Pack: January 2017-Birdie.

 Yay! My favorite sticker subscription! I got my Retro pack and I'm excited about everything I got...then again, I am ALWAYS excited with everything! :)

STICKII club is a sticker subscription that sends out fun-filled envelopes of kawaii stickers! They offer three different styles of subscription packs from Cute, Retro, and Pop styles of stickers for $10/month each (Free delivery in the US, $1.25 delivery for Canada, and $2 delivery everywhere else)! According to CrateJoy, "Not only the Cute Pack includes all the kawaii stickers, our Retro and Pop Pack also loaded with adorable stickers but just with a slightly different mood." Each monthly pack comes with 5+ big sticker sheets, 10+ small-medium single stickers, and 30-70 sticker flakes. And each month is a different theme for all styles. Subscribe to one style or multiple styles, it's up to you...and must have subscription for sticker lovers (like myself!) :)

This month's Retro Pack theme is Birdies.

I really like the presentation of this subscription! I can reuse the envelope for my letters and/or cards! :)

This is the first glace of what I got in my envelope! OoOoh! Me likey! :)

This is the first thing I noticed when I took everything out! HOW CUTE IS THIS NOTEPAD! I love it! :)

OMG! This one is SUPER cute! I LOVE LOVE this one! :)

I love this particular sticker...I think that it's a good quote to live by. :)

 I am not going to take out all the sticker flakes, but I do love all these sticker flakes! I will most definitely be using these in a lot of my crafts and projects! :)

 If you would like to join me in this fun monthly subscription, please click here to start your subscription today! Let me know which pack (or packs) you decided to's so hard to choose just one! :)