Monday, January 30, 2017

Sending a piece of me to Russia.

I am sending a set of three postcards to Russia. I "met" this girl through postcrossing when she sent me a beautiful postcard and she had written on the postcard a message that was so vivid in the writing that it impelled me to write her back in the same fashion when I thanked her for the postcard that she sent me. We have been emailing back and for every so often since and so I decided that I wanted to send her something to smile the way she did when she sent me a fun postcard!

Here is the first postcard that I am sending her. She had written me that she loves vintage looking poastcards and that was on the top of the list of the kind of postcards that she liked to receive, so I decided to make sure that she gets at least one vintage postcard from me! :)

Alexandra also mentioned to me that she loves seeing the creatures of the ocean. So I had to send her one with this breaching whale. I told her that I love whale watching and I don't think I'll ever get over the awestruck-ness of seeing such a magnificent creature in person in their natural habitat! :)

And lastlly, I am sending her one of my favorite postcards from Hawai'i. The picture postcard of this beach...I see this view often when I am driving Makapu'u side...and it's always so gorgeous! I did draw her a picture on this one since she mentioned that she loved the ocean as much as I did...:)

I hope she likes these surprise postcards that I am sending her! :)