Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sending out aloha to the world!

This lovely postcard will be on it's way to Amsterdam in the Netherlands! She mentioned ha she wanted a postcard what had a view of the landscape, and even though this is a view of the oceanscape here in Hawai'i, I hope that she will still like it! She also said that she liked flowers, so I decorated her postcard with flowers! :)

This here postcard will be traveling to Japan. Renn asked for a postcard that showed "local costume" and I hope that this fits the bill! She also mentioned that she liked "Daily life" things such as houses, spoons, forks, keys, "anything you use in your daily life"....so I added some stickers to portray that.

On it's way to Lithuania is this vintage postcard of Hawai'i's daily life! He mentioned that he liked vintage postcard and when he said that I knew exactly the postcard that I was going to send! I hope that he likes this one! :)

The beautiful aerial view of Sandy Beach will be on it's way to the mainland! It is going to New Mexico. I remember passing through there on the many roadtrips that I use to take with friends and family! :) But he asked to send a postcard that we wouldn't mind getting ourselves, and I definitely wouldn't mind getting a postcard like this! His profile on the website makes him out to be a really nice person! And I am sure he is! I hope that he likes this postcard and the way I decorated it for him! :)

This vintage postcard of the islands of Hawai'i will be on it's way to the Philippines for a direct swap with a young lady there. I have been exchanging postcards with her for a while now, and I hope that she likes this one that I have chosen for her! :)

This gorgeos Lanikai Sunrise postcard will be on it's way to Russia in the morning! She wrote that she wanted postcards of "places of interest" and this is definitely one of my favorite places of interest! I love this time and I love this place! It's so magical there are this hour...sunrise! :)