Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Postcrossing: Outgoing.

This postcard of Duke will be sent direct swap to Ana from Porugal. She contacted me a few days and asked if we could do a direct swap and I agreed! I will usually always agree to direct swaps. :) But on her profile she wrote that she wanted postcards of monuments and beaches, and I believe that this one is a good one for her! She also wrote that she wanted us to draw a picture of the weather...and so I decided to draw a picture of the sunrise over the ocean and she also wanted us to finish this sentence, "When I think of Portugal, I think about..." so I did. :)

This postcard was sent through direct swap with a young lady in Spain. This is actually the first time someone requested a postcard on my IG account! She saw this postcard that I had posted up and she wanted to know if I would send her one since she collects children in their cultural outfit...and so I said, sure! :)

This postcard will be on it's way to Hermaine from Germany. Her profile was VERY short. Barely anything, and I have to admit that I was tempted to just send her a postcard saying, "Happy postcrossing"...no stickers, no decorations...but that wouldn't be me. I just wish that people would write just a little bit more. Oh well, can't make people do things that they don't want to!

This postcard is going to Jan from Arkansas! Another US fellow postcrosser! She wrote that she wanted postcards with landscapes and she liked to be outside enjoying nature, so I decided to send her one of my favorite landscapes to drive by...I hope she likes it! :)

This postcard will be on it's way to Czech Republic. Erika said that she would like postcards that is of our hometown, city and that she liked night pictures...and so I know that this isn't of my town, but this is a beautiful night shot of my most favorite view on this island! She also said that she really liked basketball, and so I decided to add some basketball stickers. She also said that she liked decoration and drawings, and so I decorated and drew on her postcard. :)