Thursday, January 26, 2017

Postcards from around the world!


This cute square postcard is from Melissa of the Philippines. She is currently the only one that continues to send me postcards and as long as she sends me postcards, I will send her one too. :) I love this quote is printed on the front of this postcard.  "Everyday may not be good...but there is something good in every day." I love that. And it's a quote that I think you should always keep in mind. :)

Last month the last postcrosser that I sent a postcard to for the year of 2016, I ended up sending her not one but 3 postcards and she was so thankful that she wanted to send me a postcard! And this is the postcard from Martina of Germany! She is so sweet! I really hope that one day she will achieve her dream of coming here to Hawai'i. I think that I will add her on the list of sending her a postcard again...I love to send "smiles" out and she wrote that she keeps the three that I sent her next to her bed so that she can see them when she first gets up in the morning. :) I love this postcard that she sent me. So sweet and lovely. :)