Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Postcards for Me!

This lovely festive postcard traveled 36 days to reach me from the beautiful country of Russia. I love how she wished me "many beautiful flowers and delicious ice-creame" for this year! How sweet and thoughtful! I appreciate nice people! :)

This Buncheong Celadon urn from the Joseon Dynasty came to me from Seoul, Korea. It took 37 days to reach me. I love how Ha-Young took the time to write about the postcard and a little bit about herself! I love when postcrosser actually like doing this project and make time to write something that has meaning and gives me a glimpse of who they are. :) Thank you!

This postcard is a direct swap from Ana of Portugal! I feel like she is a really nice person and it is times like this I wish that I can just easily pop over to where ever my postcard originated and talk to the person for a few hours! She seems really sweet! This postcard is a picture of the university that she attends. She also loves flowers and the sea.