Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Poastcrossing: Incoming!

This postcard full of flowers traveled 29 days to get to me from France! A family sent me this postcard and wrote, "we thought you will enjoy these flowers from our territory. Maybe they an inspire your creations." That is super sweet! I like sweet and thoughtful people! :)

When I saw this postcard, I instantly thought of my KaiBoy! He has a thing for owls at the moment. :) But this owl postcard traveled 18 days to get to me from Belarus. The young lady who sent me this postcard claimed that this is one of the first postcards that she is sending out through postcrossing! I think that is pretty awesome!

MILANO! I would LOVE one day to visit this exact spot that is pictured on this postcard! This postcard was a direct swap with Gabriele of Italy. He seems like a real nice guy! He joked that since I wanted to go there and he wanted to come here, we could switch lives for a day! :) Would I?! I don't know...I don't know what he does...but I sure would LOVE to go exploring in his neck of the woods! :)

This postcard looks like a Polaroid picture of Spray (majorica) roses that are in full bloom! Beautiful! This is a direct swap from Malaysia! My "lil sister" Melissa goes there often with her mom since her mom is Malaysian...so it was super cool to get this postcard from there! :)