Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pipsticks: Post-Christmas Purchase, pt.1.

I saw that they were having a after Christmas sale on the Pipsticks website and so being a sticker addict, I couldn't help but buy some Christmas stickers...after all, you can't but help to buy stickers, and also, I can always use these stickers next year! :) I bought two packs, the Kawaii Christmas Grab Bag and the Christmas Grab Bag...and I have to admit that I couldn't tell the difference between the two packs. I was a bit sad since they did repeat sticker sheets with their other Christmas packs so I had repeats. I think that if they were making different packs, they shouldn't have had repeats. But thats big deal, just a bit disappointed about that. But sticker can always make me smile. :)

So, since I coudn't really which pack was what, I was just going to post each pack in different posts and have you decide which is what...but also to show you what I got! :) Here was the first pack that I opened!

I do love the prints on both of the packs though! :)

SUPER cute santas! :) Can it be Christmas now?! :) Just skip the months between January and December! :)

See, now you can see why I couldn't help myself! The packs were 50% off each! And I also had a 10% membership discount! I got two packs for the price of LESS THAN ONE! How awesome is that!? Now I just have to save these for the next 11 months! :)