Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pipsticks: Post-Christmas Purchase, pt. 2.

So, this is part 2 of my Post-Christmas purchase from Pipsticks! With a sticker sale of 50% off of the Christmas packs, I couldn't help but buy more stickers! Because with my 10% membership discount, that was 60% of my purchase! So I got these two packs for less than one pack! But now, the down side is that I have to wait 11 months to use these!

I really love these prints that they use!

Correct me if I am wrong, but in my opinion, I feel like it's not fair to count each of these as a single sticker sheet! These might be called sticker sheets to some people, but come on, this is more like a sticker SQUARE (rectangle?!) It's very disappointing to expect a sticker sheet and see that this is what they meant.

And I can tell that this this was cut from a sticker sheet. You could have tried to do a better job and make it look like it was individual stickers...but the off center and the chopped off top of the top Christmas tree makes me feel so shafted. :(

This is the first time that I am disappointed in something that I got from this website. They had repeats of the other packs that I had bought, and if I knew that I wouldn't have chosen this pack. Also, I wouldn't count those sticker squares as a sheet and the chopped off tree top was really sucky quality control. Don't get me wrong, I will definitely use these stickers...but if it wasn't for the sale, I would have been really disappointed in this company. But because of the sale I kind of got these for "free". Hopefully, my next purchase from this website will make me smile!