Monday, January 9, 2017

Pipsticks: January 2017.

I think that is the first of my many subscriptions that I get a month! I love how it comes earlier in the month rather than later! And any time I get stickers, it makes me happy! That's for sure! :) I actually received my sticker pack last Friday, but it wasn't until today that I can actually a post about it! So yes, I have already used some of the stickers! :) I loved this month's sticker choices!

Pipsticks is "a company founded on the idea that little things can make a big difference....[they] are IN LOVE with stickers and understand their power to make you smile." They "connect and collaborate with thousands of amazing sticker lovers all over the world...[their] stickers are selected by designers and sourced from around the world." They do an amazing job at making sure that you will get a HUGE variety of stickers each month. You will also get an pre-stamped postcard to decorate and send out and other "paper goodies" in your awesome envelope packet. And it's sent like a regular letter with a cute stamp on it!

There are four different packages that you can choose from. There are two packages for kids and two for adults. For kids, there is the "Kid's Club Classic" for $14.95/month which will get you 15+ sheets of stickers, 1 postcard, and 4 sheets of craft paper. And the "Kid's Club Petite" for $9.95/month and that comes with 7+ sheets of stickers and 2 sheets of craft paper. For the adults, the "Pro Club Classic" for $14.95 will get you 15+ sheets of stickers, 1 postcard, and 1 quote card and the "Pro Club Petite" for $9.95 will get your 7+ sheets of stickers and 1 mini quote card. Shipping is free within the US, but there is an additional $3/month for international subscribers.

I always loved the presentation of the the packages/enveloope! It's always so fun looking and always with a different pattern. So fun! :)

With the first glance of all my stickers and paper goods makes my heart all happy! I love what I see!

The firs thing I usually do when after I take everything out is open up the newsletter! I know that so much work is put into it...and I always appreciate it! I love how informative it is!

I have to say that my eyes are automatically drawn to see what the winning ticket number is...and once again disappointment for myself but happiness for whoever won! I know that I really wanted the Instax Camera...but it wasn't my time to have one yet...but yay! Congrates to whoever one this one! :)

I love this catch phrase! "Dream it. Wish it. Do it!" You can dream it, you can wish it...but you can't forget to DO IT!

I have to remember to use this #hashtag! I am constantly posting things up on my IG hobby account and another I don't normally use #hashtags on my personal account, my hobby account, I do use it often and so this is one that I have to remember to use!

This one as well. :) I do use my Pipstick stickers in a lot of my hobbies: cardmaking, planners, and postcards/letters...and I do post a lot of my stuff to I need to remember this! :)

Each month the patter on the back of the newsletter is different, and this month it's not different! Here is what it was this month. Fun paint splatters!

Oh yeah, before I forget, next month's ticket prize is a Kikki-K planner. I'm not to excited to win something like this so "late" in the year since I already have all the planners that I plan on using and I don't really have use for another one, but if I do win this one, maybe I can save it for next year or find it a good home with someone who might need it. My personal opinion would be that they should hold these planner give-aways at the end of the previous for me, I usually start buying the planners that I plan on using for the next year starting in the month of September!  But, that's just me. :)

This was this months card stock quote! I think that I need to find a nice frame that I can switch these out monthly! I think that that would be good! :) I love these! But I need to find a good use for them! 

And that's different! Usually the back of these are cards are plain, but there is something this month! How fun! :) I love hearts!

I have been slacking on my Pipsticks designing postcards! I need to get back on that train! My best friend will one day receive a bunch of these when I finally find some time to decorate all of the back ones that I have for her! But I do love these...! They are pre-stamped! I love that!

Yay! To the stickers now!

CUTE pattered bears! FUN! I can already see a card that I can use these for!

I am not quite sure what I am going to use these undergarments for! Maybe I can use them in my planner for when I have to do my laundry or something...

I adore these faux stamps of flowers! I will definitely be using these for my postcard decorating moments! :)

With the month of love coming up, I know that I'll be able to put these to good use! :)

I have already expressed my excitement over these amazing stickers! I love these! Look how they look like plain, glittered mugs, but guess what?! They actually have a secret heart in the middle of them! I love that! Check them out when I used them in weekly spread for this week! I was surprised when I peeled the sticker up from the backing and a heart appeared! FUN! I ADORE!

This is also a favorite of mine this month! I LOVE flowers...and this one was a a sticker sheet that I was glad that I got!

These little characters are also SUPER cute! I love them! :)

And there you have it! I have yet to be disappointed in this subscription! I don't think that I ever can! I love it! I love stickers and I am always really happy with what I get from them!

If you are a sticker lover like me, I recommend you subscribe to this subscription. You do get a lot of stickers and random ones that you can add to your collection. So, what are you waiting for!? Go to Pipsticks now and join me in this awesome sticker/paper goodies fun! :)