Thursday, January 26, 2017

Peely Pack: Colors of the Rainbow.

 We all know that I absolutely love subscription boxes/mail...I just love getting mail that makes me smile and I also love to make those I love and care for smile as well, and so if I see a subscription that I think that someone I know might like, I get it for them. Maybe not for forever, but for a few months at least...and this sticker pack is my favorite that I have signed up for my niece! I love stickers. She loves stickers. And so this is PERFECT For her! And I have no qualms about it either because it's also educational! A sticker pack this is educational and fun and I love...super she SHARES her stickers with her brother and her friends as well! And if there is a time where I might say, "Oh! I love that one"! She doesn't even think about it, but automatically says that I can have it! I love her heart. So, yes, I will always rave about this subscription...I love it, and you will too! Not only that, but the customer service is amazing and on it! They are one of the best that I have ever come across! They will go far with how nice and people friendly they are! And I will always tell people about this kids subscription. :)

PeelyPack is a monthly subscription "envelop" that "is full of fun...that kids can do all on their own!" According to their website, "The original PeelyPack ($11.99 ) comes with 10 sheets of awesome stickers, plenty for several sticker sessions. The FamilyPack ($19.99 ) has double the stickers-that's 20 sheets! The stickers are based on a different theme each month, and sometimes we throw in a fun surprise, too!" All the stickers come in a portable designed large activity sheet that is "perfect for coloring or using with stickers." It also has suggestions on "fun play tips to help you get your child thinking and learning. Talking over sticker play time is a great way for kids and parents to learn and bond."

This month's theme is "Colors of the Rainbow."

I love the presentation for this subscription. They made a huge activity sheet that holds all the stickers and activites so that it's super easy to bring around with you! Just slip in into your bag and be on your way! 

My DollGirl loves this postcard. She uses the stickers to decorate it and the she writes a message on it for her cousin and sends it to her! My DollGirl also loves sending postcards! Awesome! A lil girl after my own heart! :) Last month I had bought an extra PeelyPack for my DollGirl for Christmas since she loves this pack, and in the pack it mentioned that there was suppose to be postcard in it...and since I read everything to her (she is only 4 and is just learning her letters still), she was super disappointed that there wasn't a postcard in the pack...and so I had written them about that. But I also said that it was okay because I had a lot of postcards to give to DollGirl that she can decorate. I just wanted to let them know in-case they were sending out some without realize that it was incomplete. But they wrote back saying that they were extremely sorry and that they would make it up to her...and they did! Like I said, amazing customer service!!

These were MY favorite sticker sheet in this pack! My niece is going to flip when she sees these! They are SUPER cute! And I love them!

I have a huge feeling that my DollGirl will be sharing these with her brother since he loves animals and loves anything that has to do with animals. She usually gives him animal things. I so love her heart! :)

I can not even say how much I love this subscription for my DollGirl! I have not yet seen her since I've gotten the pack and so I will give it to her when I see her next...but I already know that she is going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this pack...just as much as her Auntie does. :)

 I would totally recommend this sticker pack for your child, or even for a fun "just because" present for any child. I guess you can make your own set, but I know that my DollGirl LOVES getting things in the mail (just like her Auntie! :)) And it was fun opening her pack with her and watching her face show the excitement I, too, was feeling in my heart. :) So, if you would like to join in with the sticker fun with us, please feel free to click here and subscribe to this fun-filled sticker subscription funness! :)