Sunday, January 8, 2017

Out-going postcards!

Finland is the destination of this postcard! The receiver of this postcard wrote on her profile that she liked "typical tourist view cards" and that she liked music, so I hope she likes this postcard that I chose for her, and I added some music notes for her to enjoy!

This postcard is on it's way to Russia to a young man named Vladislav. He asked if we could exchange postcards, and I told him that I would be happy to! He loves hedgehogs, and so I decided to add some hedgehogs to his postcard. I hope he likes them!

This postcard is also on it's way to Russia to Tatjana. She wrote that she loved the ocean and birds so I send her this beautiful postcard of the sunset of Waimea to her...and I added some bird stickers on it for her. She also said that she loved ice-cream, so I had to add some ice-cream stickers as well! :)