Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Planner: Law of Attraction.

I was going back and forth whether or not I was going to buy another Passion Planner...compact one, to bring around with me. I already knew that I was going to remain loyal to my favorite planner, but then when I received the classic Passion Planner, I knew that there was NO way that I was going to be taking that around with me! It is SUPER huge to be in my bag (even though I am known for my "suitcase" like bags that I like to "truck" around!) So I decided to go with this Law of Attraction planner, which is still a bit larger than I am used to carrying around, but I do carry it in my teacher at least I have that.

I have heard a lot of great things about this planner. A lot of people say that it's similar to the Passion Planner. (But I believe that that Passion Planner came out first). Here's what I say to that though, I think ALL planners are similar! I mean, they are all planners for crying out loud! :)

I did notice that this planner is thicker than most planners that I have I decided to take some pictures of the inside to show you around this planner that I am coming to love. :)

I can see why people are saying that this planner and the Passion Planner are similar. They both encourage "road maps" of goals in your life and they do have the journal pages between months and stuff...but, like I said, each planner is unique and also the same to each other since they all serve one be used as a tool to help people organize their lives...daily, monthly, and yearly...I mean, how many ways can you make a planner...?!

This pictures is of the weekly spread. I did get the undated version...which I should have read the fine print when I bought this planner...I think that I would have liked a dated one, but that's okay. I am getting more comfortable making my own planner stickers. Nothing fancy...but it does that I need them to do. :)

I decided to keep this planner pretty straight forward and simple. I made stickers for the whole month of January already...and I think that I like how it turned out!

This is the first week before the stickers...and just so you know what it looks like before any plans are written out.

And here is my spread up-to-date and then some. I like to plan out my week and then cross and change and make adjustments where it is needed so this week is all planned out already. This planner will be traveling back and forth with me from school and home and other. I can't always keep it in my bag, but it is more portable and smaller than my Passion Planner...and I like it. :)