Wednesday, January 25, 2017

KiwiBop Postcard Pals: December 2016.

 I actually got these postcards on Monday, but I kept forgetting to take pictures of them, so I am just writing this now. But I never got the postcards for last months and I figured it was because I was not at school for the past two weeks, so maybe this one is supposed to be for last month? I'm not too sure; I'll just have to wait and see if I get another package before the end of this month and then I will know for sure. :)

Kiwibop Postcard Pals is a monthly subscription that "sends awesome postcards to your child that will engage their reading skills and teach them about the world!" The membership is only $3.59/month, and you pay annually so that would be $43.08 a year, but if you use my referral link here, you will get a 10% discount! It will automatically renew yearly, however you can cancel at anytime so that you won't get billed the following year when your subscription is done for the year! When you first sign up, they will send you a Member Welcome Kit with four initial postcards for free as well as some stickers and some fun activities to do! Once you are a member, you will also have access to their online Fact Explorer, which is a very good resource for curious minds!

My preschool keikis LOVE seeing this envelope! They are always excited to get this subscription because they are so curious as to what they will see! :)

My keikis LOVED this one...they asked a lot of questions about outer space and we ended up making up stories of what we would see and do if we were outer space!

My keikis LOVE crocodiles! The animals that they are always talking about are the crocodile, shark, and the manta ray. Ever week we have chapel with the residence pastor here and part of chapel is when he brings out his "friends (puppets)" is a bird named Birdie and the other is a crocodile named yes, they are always talking about Crocky...and so when they saw this postcard with a crocodile, that was it! They all wanted to play "Crocky" and sing all the crocodile songs that we knew and make up songs about crocodiles. I love it!

I love these postcards because most likely than not they have nothing to do with the theme that we have for the month....but that is one thing you have to realize as a teacher (or anyone who is around kids) you have to be super flexible and just go with the flow. I do have a lesson plan and what should happen that day...but 75% of the time we deviate from what the original plan was. And I love it! With these postcards, it creates opportunities for the children to come up with different creative games, activities, and imaginative plays! I love it! Each postcard that they saw brings up questions and different activities ideas!

I can go on and on about the different things that you can use these postcards for...I'm just saying I think that they are a good thing. :)

So that's the monthly packet of Kiwibop Postcard Pals! I highly recommend this subscription and if you would like to subscribe your child (or other children!) with this fun, educational postcard subscription please click here for a 10% discount on your membership!